Human Interest 

Writing articles or blog posts about interesting people, places, programs, art exhibits you name it is one of my favorite parts of freelancing. Browse samples below, and read about my ventures as a busy (and sometimes frantic) working mom on my blog, ParentPact.


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A Legacy of Fairness and Generosity
Tells the story of James Green and his relationship with Johns Hopkins University.

The Art of Writing
Describes a museum program that uses original art to inspire kids of all ages to write.

Art Review 
Back to Nature
Reviews Hudson River School drawings from Dia Art Foundation.

In the Market for Tradition
Tells the story of a thriving old-fashioned market in a Pittsburgh neighborhood.

Families Make Meaningful Connections at the BMA
Reveals what families get out of a weekend afternoon at their local art museum.

Just Turned 30
Recounts the transformation of an abandoned mattress factory into a world-class contemporary art museum.