Business Samples

Globalization, technology, big data, and analytics — business in the 21st century is rife with opportunity, and my work involves showcasing innovations and helping businesses grow. Here, I share samples of some of my writing in marketing, finance, architecture, and inside sales. 


Blog Post ➜
Don’t Fear the Editor:
7 Keys to Editing Success

What a good content marketing editor
looks for while editing, and what to expect when an editor gives you feedback on your work.

Case Study 
From Forgotten Factory to a National Model of Sustainability

How an architecture firm turned an abandoned factory into an award-winning mixed-use development.

Blog Post 
Closing the
Engagement Gap

Ghostwritten post covering a talk by bestselling author, Daniel Pink, about motivation in the 21st-century workplace.

Blog Post 
Where is Our Economy Headed?
Anirban Basu Explains

Ghostwritten post covering a talk by leading economist Anirban Basu.

Blog Post 
How to Use Research to Take Your Content from Flimsy to Fabulous

Advice on using research to improve your story and content.

Blog Post 
Use Jargon to Educate,
Not Obfuscate

How and when it’s OK to use jargon, and how and when it’s not.

Case Study 
Building Inside Sales from the Ground Up at Salsa Labs

A case study about a unique business model for inside sales.