Health, Science, & Technology Samples

I'm an avid reader of anything relating to health and wellness, and a big supporter of efforts to create integrated models of health care. I also stay attuned to new developments in science and technology, and enjoy the challenge of presenting complex data, information, and research in ways that general audiences can understand.

Blog Post 
Optimize Your Sales Team with Mobile BI Apps

A ghostwritten post giving advice on creating mobile BI apps for modern-day sales teams.

Blog Post 
Resist the Urge to Overschedule Your Family

A ghostwritten post about the health consequences of overscheduled parents and kids.

Case Study 
Chase Brexton: Paving the Way for
Top-Quality Health Care

How an architecture firm transformed a century-old insurance headquarters into a state-of-the-art health care facility.

Case Study 
Retail Merchandise
Loss Prevention App

How a business analytics provider created a merchandise loss prevention app for a leading retailer.

Case Statement 
Brain Science Institute at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Explores the history and key objectives of the Brain Science Institute; targets donors and investors.