I’m Emily, and I work as a writer, editor, and content strategist from my home office (a converted attic) in Towson, Maryland. Never heard of Towson? It’s on the outskirts of Baltimore — and the fictional hometown of one of my favorite characters, Elaine Benes. I take it you know Elaine. If not, have a look at her in action.

I write about a broad range of topics, from healthcare, finance, and technology to architecture, progressive education, and the arts. Much of my work falls in the realm of “content marketing,” a form of storytelling through various kinds of content (blog posts, e-books, case studies) for businesses and organizations. I also write human interest stories, magazine articles, curriculum guides, grant proposals and reports, and content strategies.

Ernest Hemingway stands while working. Photo: LIFE Magazine/Flickr

Ernest Hemingway stands while working. Photo: LIFE Magazine/Flickr

What else can I tell you? I work at a desk with a built-in motor that allows me to sit or stand. Most days, I go back and forth between both positions. Have you heard of these desks? They’re pretty amazing, and helping me get over the muscle pain I developed after close to two decades working in real offices. Some people think stand-up desks are the latest fad. Not so. 

When I’m not standing (or sitting) at my desk or meeting with a client, I’m usually with my two daughters, Eloise and Beatrice, or walking my poodle, Gatsby. You can read about my ventures with my ever-imaginative girls — and my quest to improve life for maxed-out modern parents — on my blog, ParentPact.

During my work day, I take breaks to play fetch with Gatsby and can occasionally squeeze in a Tae Bo workout. (I really am that old school.) I coach my girls' recreational basketball teams on the weekend and am trying to convince my cognitive-scientist husband, Norbou, to sign up for swing dance lessons with me. 

To learn more about my professional experience, explore this site and connect with me on LinkedIn. Last but not least, know that I’m always on the prowl for interesting projects — and just an email away