Do Our Daughters Really Need a Best Friend?

When I hit high school, my “best friend” of 12 years stopped returning my calls. Stopped inviting me to her house. Stopped coming to my house. Even stopped sitting beside me in the cafeteria.

I’d read enough fiction to know that close friends sometimes drift apart, but this turn of events left a sense of sadness that lingered for years. What had I done? Why the near silent treatment from someone who owned half of my broken heart “best friends” pendant?

Squeezed by Summer: For Working Parents, Summer Camps Add Up

Planning for summer camp started early this year. Let me set the stage: weekend getaway with my husband, coffee and omelets in the hotel restaurant, December 27, 2014. Boodoop, my iPhone sounded. “Who could this be?” I wondered aloud.  

Sure enough, a mom-friend wanted to know what camps I planned to enroll my girls in this summer. “Summer?” I said to my husband. “We barely survived Christmas. How can we even think about summer right now?”

Weary Parents, Stand Up for Your Right to Refuel

At a grown-ups only holiday party, I listened begrudgingly as my friends rattled off plans for the winter break. “We’re taking the entire two weeks off and wearing nothing but pajamas,” one friend remarked. “We’re heading to the Caribbean for a 10-day cruise with our girls,” another shared.

Locking eyes across the eggnog table, my husband and I communicated — in our telepathic way of communicating — exactly the same thing: what in the world are we doing wrong? We have three master’s degrees, a Ph.D., and tons of work experience (with proven results) between us. Why couldn’t we take extended time off that holiday?

Technology: Helping or Hindering Parenthood?

I ponder this question all the time: is technology to blame for my stress as a working mom? Or am I to blame for not setting firmer boundaries?

Here’s my confession: I haven’t been off the grid in three full years, though I remember it fondly. Let me reminisce.

It was the summer of 2011, and my adventurous husband, two girlies, and I packed our Honda Element to the brim and drove some 700 miles north to Acadia National Park in Maine. We pitched a six-person tent in a secluded spot near the eastern shore of Mount Desert Island — and spent a week traipsing the trails of Cadillac Mountain, riding bikes along Rockefeller’s historic paths, sunning on Sand Beach, and listening to the ocean roar as it crashed into rocks at Thunder Hole.

Too Tired to Get to the Root of It

Why we need to take charge of our parenting lives (and why I’m launching this blog)

Are you a modern parent, retro parent, hover parent, or stress parent? Do you fill your snack bin with whole-grain Kashi Bars, gluten-free KIND Bars, or good ‘ole Nature Valley Granola Bars? Just how, exactly, do you devise your kids’ summer? With one camp after another, or whatever backyard adventure your kids can cook up? 

If you’re like me, you feel overwhelmed and confused at times. You sense something’s not quite right. But you’re too tired to get to the root of it and do something about it. What else can you do but pay bills, pack lunches, answer emails, coordinate extra-curriculars, and cook dinner with that conference call on mute? Don’t forget about the rash you need to look up on Google images.